Human Disinfection with Ozone

Human Disinfection Cabinet with Ozone

Ozone Disinfection Cabinet for Human

Ozone Modular Disinfection Cabinet

This product is designed for outdoor use.

Ozone is a gas with high oxidation power,
widespread in recent years, especially for disinfection purposes
somehow used. Ozone gas, the raw material of which is oxygen,
is the only natural disinfectant. Disinfection effect of ozone gas,
3125 times more than chlorine under the same conditions.

Our new product, ozone disinfection cabin
provides whole body disinfection. Entering a new environment
disinfects the whole body, any
no additional protective clothing is required.
When disinfecting, no liquid is sprayed, gaseous
ozone is sprayed, it is not harmful to health.


Fully Suitable For Everyday Clothes

No liquid is sprayed during disinfection.
Ozone gas produced from air is used during disinfection.
It can be used with peace of mind in daily clothes.

No Need for the Operator

Our product is sensitive to human movement and any
It is fully automatic since no additional chemicals are used.
There is no need for an operator.

Doesn’t Need Any Raw Materials

Ozone gas is produced on site and used on site.
The disinfection cabinet uses air and electrical energy only.

Does Not Leave Any Toxic Waste

Unlike other methods, the ozone disinfection system,
it does not leave any toxic waste. Ozone in 20 minutes
turns into oxygen molecules.

It is the Most Effective Disinfection Method

Ozone is the most oxidizing substance ever discovered,
acts on all pathogens (virus, bacteria, mold) without exception and
There is a killing rate close to 100%. Bacteria, viruses and molds
attacking their cases; distributes the cell cytoplasm.
Only oxygen and carbon dioxide are left as waste.


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